“I’m gonna run until my heart stops beating, blood stops bleeding.” These lyrics have become the proudly-sung anthem for the Detroit alternative-rock band Beta Camp.

Anyone who has been to a Beta Camp show knows these boys put their heart and soul into every note they sing and play. “Growing up and playing music together has allowed us to form a brother-like bond. This connection is sort of showcased anytime we’re on stage. A lot of people who see us for the first time ask if we’re related. We’re never sure how to take it, but we hope it’s a good thing.” says Hunter Lukas, the band’s songwriter and frontman.

Beta Camp recorded their debut album Violent Honey with Ace Enders (of The Early November) at The Lumberyard Recording. The album was released in September of 2017 with a packed show at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Michigan. 

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